Churro Bar is All About YOU!

We love our clients and customers!


At Churro Bar, we’re all about YOU! After all, we don’t make our handcrafted, made-from-scratch churros served with premium ice cream and toppings all for ourselves. We make them for you! We source high quality, premium ingredients and we make our churros fresh, on-site.

Churro Bar was started in 2017, as a dessert bar on wheels, with the intention of bringing joy to others through churros and ice cream. Today, we operate two mobile concepts and our first physical location at the Haven City Market in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Our mobile Churro Bars are designed to bring our churros and ice cream directly to you! We do catering events such as weddings, private parties, corporate events, and more! If you’re an event planner or organizer, we can also set up a point-of-sale system and sell directly to your attendees! Either way, we’d love to help!

How Churro Bar Works

Catering Events

1. Use our build-your-package tool to select offerings and get a quote – CLICK HERE to do that:

2. Work with our friendly Sales Rep. to confirm the details of your event then place a 50% deposit to secure your date:

3. On the day of your event, we show up with churros and ice cream and make your guests happy:

Point-Of-Sale Events

1. Event Organizer can request our appearance at their concert, festival, conference, sporting event, etc. – CLICK HERE to do that:

*2. Organizer works with our Sales Rep. to discuss terms of service and comes to an agreement (we can even do fundraisers):

3. On the day of the event, we show up with churros and ice cream and make your guests happy:

Minimum to book: 1,000 guests*